Med Student Diaries

You do not need to suffer

As I made my way to the male psychiatry ward I knew at once that all was not right. Of course it didn’t take a Sherlock to figure this out. For the screams could be heard all the way up to the beginning of the corridor. On entering the ward, the chaos was palpable. There… Continue reading You do not need to suffer


What is Perfect?

Perfect. The one word that I have grappled with for more than half of my existence. This seemingly innocent seven letter word has been able to have a hold on my life way more than I would like to admit. The Oxford English dictionary defines the word perfect as having all the required or desirable… Continue reading What is Perfect?


July 9th and the Aftermath

On the 9th of July we witnessed history in the making. Irrespective of whether President Gotabaya Rajapkse and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe keep their word or not we as a nation have succeeded. We have succeeded in sending a message to the current politicians (both the ruling and opposition party), to the future politicians of… Continue reading July 9th and the Aftermath


To keep up or not to keep up with the Kardashians

A little more than a decade ago Justin Bieber the teen heart throb of many young teens and preteens back in the day including yours truly declared to the world his crush on a certain lady who went by the name “Kim Kardashian”. Apart from the fact that her name was a mouthful, 14 year… Continue reading To keep up or not to keep up with the Kardashians